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Stress Controll Retreat - 6-13 May. 2018




Flea and burden of our western society, stress attacks psycic and physical health. TOSHI united the best of indian, chinese and japanese traditional technology to oppone it with succes.


TOSHI in japanese means "City". Cities’ modern world generates illnesses, pain and various disconforts.

We organise Residential Retreats in symbolic and exclusive destinations in which our guests receive treatments based on techniques offered by the main 3 oriental traditions : Indian (Yoga), Chinese (Traditional Medicine) and Japanese (Acupuncture).  In this occasion we treat and offer day-to-day and continuous self-healing instruments helpful to face with success our modern world.

Our main instruments are the Hand, the Fingers and Needles.

Add to this side-techniques as Moxa, Cupping, Ear therapy, Guasha, etc.


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Our team of therapists is entirely dedicated to re-stabilize the Well-Being of our guests on short, medium and long term. 

Their mission: to cure the discomfort and sufferings linked to the specific theme of each retreat, and to teach the techniques and instruments that allow a dayly self-treatment on the long run. a sound diagnostic of each guest leads to a tailored programme of cure and massages. Raja Yoga and guided meditation sessions, Qi Gong, chinese therapeutic massages Tuina and chinese & japanese Acupuncture are provided. By combining all disciplines, those techniques reinforce one another.

Daily conferences are proposed on various topics: phytotherapy, nutritherapy, hydrolats, essential oils, plants, self-massage, Pranayama, Yoga and Vedanta philosophies, reflexology, etc.




Eric Bastin: Doctor in acupuncture with a Beijing University degree, Eric is member of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibusion Societies (WFAS). His is graduated in manual and cranio-sacral therapy, in chinese therapeutic massage Tuina, and in chinese dietetics. He is also a specialist in japanese acupuncture (Kiiko Matusmoto acupuncture style and Yamamoto scalp acupuncture). Eric heads the Victor Gambier Center in Bruxelles as trainer and teacher.

Well known acupuncturist, Eric Bastin follows a continuous training process. Along with a Kinesiterapist degree, he followed various trainings in cinese and japanese acupuncture, in chinese dietetics and in chinese therapeutic massage Tuina. He his Head of the Centre Victor Gambier in Brussels.

Hervé Balot: According to this therapist and teacher, with original education as Busines Engineering Solvay in Brussels, Yoga therapy and oriental medicines are Biotechnology practical and powerful self-healing tools. Teaching and sharing them is his life philosophy. Enthusiast of cinese and japanese traditional medicine and Yoga Teacher RYT certified, Hervé is a practitioner in Needleless Acupuncture in the chinese and Japanese traditions, Tuina practitionner (chinese therapeutic massage), Raja Yoga teacher and Mukaino Method (japanese M-Test) trainer. M-Test is an acute diagnostic and treatment instrument to treat energetic block generating pain and illnesses.

Steevie Vanhamme: Traditional chinese practitioner, Tuina massages and in western phytotherapy, Steevie is also graduated in acupuncture, in dietetics and in Mukaino méthod (M-Test)

During our retreats and for every new edition, a well-know Chef is selected, who proposes tasty but light recipes, local and seasonal, respectful of the traditions we foster - energetic chinese medicine, and emphasises anti-stress food for fisical and energetic body.

The Spring 2018 edition in Megève shall host the young and talented Chef Gabriele Valentini from Tuscany - Italy.