Luxury ski in ski out getaway in the alps

14 - 17 April 2017. Yoga&Kitchen

14-17 April - the long week-end of Easter in our magnificent chalet. You never get bored with Cristina Bazzanella, because every day we will practice different types of yoga: Vinyasa Yoga - Opening of the heart, Full Sequence of Ashtanga Yoga and Equilibrium&Inversions Hatha Yoga. We will discover the secrets of natural and tasty kitchen with chef and naturopath Alessandra Porro.

Medieval Festival. Praz sur Arly 2016.


Yoga& Ayurveda. Healing Retreat. 25-28 March 2016.

5 - 8 December 2015. Sant'Ambrogio.


Vogue about "Holistic Detox". 30 March - 2 June 2015.

Italian Vogue about Chalet Princesse

– Parola d’ordine eremise en forme. La facciamo guidati da due donne, di cui conosciamo bene le competenze e la bravura. Sono Marialaura Bonfanti, naturopata e psicologa bioenergetica, e Anna Ovchinnikova, ‚Äčinsegnante di yoga e meditazione e con loro si faranno 3 giorni di ascolto profondo del corpo e profonda purificazione per un detox integralmente consapevole. Dove? In Alta Savoia, nell’ultra chic Chalet Princesse. Da mettere comunque nel vostro taccuino d’indirizzi.

Yoga, Natura&Sport. 11-16 August 2017.


Old Crafts Festival. Megeve 2015


"Yoga. Pilates. SPA." - 10-12 November 2017.

YOGA - PILATES - SPA, conducted by French teachers Corine Englander and Sandra Prager.
Yoga and Pilates classes open to all: beginners and experienced ones, to all those who want to deepen the knowledge of these methods of well-being. Get ready for a surprise in the kitchen: we will have excellent Italian vegetarian-chefs: Marzia Sgro and Gabriele Valentini.

Yoga, Nia Dance, Massage and Meditation. 6 - 10 December 2017.

A long weekend in the mood of well-being in our wonderful Chalet Princesse. Yoga and Meditation Practices, Nia Dance, Massage with Live Music, SPA and great vegetarian food. Possible walks in nature or skiing, a moment of relaxation and sharing even in the family.

Marta Magi and Chiara de Lucia to conduct a yoga courses, Camilla Ghezzi will dance with you in the Nia Danze course and Alessandra Buono will do the sound massages.

"The body is the temple of the spirit: keep it pure and pure for the soul that resides there" B.S.K. Iyengar

Stress Controll Retreat - 6-13 May. 2018

Stress Control: May6th-13, 2018: SOLD OUT ..................... June24th-July1.

Flea and burden of our western society, stress attacks psycic and physical health. TOSHI united the best of indian, chinese and japanese traditional technology to oppone it with succes. 

7 Chakra. Vinyasa e Kundalini Yoga. 11-16 August 2018.


EXPO - SITION. Competition of Aterliers D'Art. 23 June - 9 July.

Golf in Megeve.

SIAA -Salon Inter Alpin Architecture Amenagement. 22-25 June 2017.